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The July 2023 issue of Automobil has been uploaded for your reading pleasure. As always Automobil brings you the latest automotive and industry news, association updates as well as informative articles on finance, labour, legal topics and much more. This month we bring you the latest news from Ford, Opel, Hino, Continental and Supa Quick. We also visit the Moto Mech show in East London and look back on a successful career with Pieter Haak.

July 2023



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03 . Driver’s Seat: Jakkie Olivier, CEO of the RMI

30 . Tech Talk: Tuning naturally aspirated engines

32 . Locating the resources to obtain wellbeing

33 . Finance: The importance of credit risk management


05 . News

14 . Industry News

17 . New products

20 . RMI News

24 . Association News


22 . Behind the Scenes with the MIWA NEC

26 . Association: Upskilling while striving to remain current

28 . Interview: Pieter Haak kept fighting back

34 . Legal: Beneficial ownership

36 . Labour: Payment of accrued leave on termination


38 . New models: Subaru Crosstrek

40 . Motorsport: Going racing so that kids have the ability to jump

41 . Member Update

42 . Sales: May 2023 vehicle sales figures




July 2023

July 2023




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July 2023


For information on the RMI and its workings, visit or call 011 886 6300

s we start our new financial year on the 1st of July, business continues

to slowly recover from the battering we took during the COVID-19 pan-

demic. Unfortunately, the problems experienced with loadshedding,

and other endemic infrastructural problems, and the alarmingly high unem-

ployment figures, continue to plague every business and every South African.

We collectively watch and wait with bated breath for the economy to

improve so that businesses can once again kick start a period of regrowth

and prosperity in our country. It is in times like these that I believe the

strength of belonging has never been more important.

The RMI has continued to reflect record surpluses and reserves and in

an effort to give back to our members, we have introduced the concept

of Special Projects, all aimed at improving and enhancing our member

businesses and the environment that they trade in.

The following are just some of the Special Projects we have embarked on,

or will be embarking on:

Increasing the visibility of our brand

The strength of association with the RMI logo is clear and this year the RMI

Board approved a special project to fund production of RMI branding materi-

al, specifically to assist members in bringing their premises up to date with the

new RMI branding introduced three years ago. This enables mem-

bers to reflect our brand consistently and uniformly and makes

them instantly recognisable to customers and other key stake-

holders as members of the RMI. The branding material has been

produced and has been distributed nationally for collection.

Financial assistance

RMI membership renewal invoices for 1 July 2023 include

a discount that will benefit all members within the RMI

and is a token of our appreciation for your ongoing

support and loyalty. The discounted amount

will reflect on your invoice and there is thus

no requirement for further calculations. A fur-

ther discount per standalone business will be

provided on receipt of your BBBEE compliance

information for 31 December 2023. The normal terms and conditions apply

to this offer so please contact our local RMI office for further details and if

you are part of a corporate membership, please contact your Associational

Director for further information.

Professionalising our sector

We have scheduled a host of special webinars and podcasts for members

to assist on a variety of topics and concerns impacting all South Africans.

A special Skills Development Facilitator Project is also currently being de-

veloped and scoped with rollout expected during the latter part of 2023. In

addition, we have once again planned our third RMI Women Driving Change

awareness event for later in the year.

I am encouraged that a number of our associations have also embarked

on Special Projects unique to their needs and these continue to highlight the

benefit of belonging, particularly in today’s challenging times.

The RMI are currently in the midst of our national roadshows. A variety of

factors including the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a change in the way we

communicate and the emergence of digital engagement. Digital and online

meetings became par for the course during this period.

As a result of very valuable feedback received from members through

the membership satisfaction survey, the need for the re-establishment of

face-to-face engagement with members was identified and as a result, the

RMI is currently hosting a series of roadshows throughout the country which

will continue throughout July 2023.

The purpose of these roadshows is to update members on developments

within the industry, and to provide members with the opportunity to

engage with the RMI team, to share experiences, express needs and engage

on industry specific issues.

I would like to end off by expressing my appreciation and pride for the

way our member businesses have conducted themselves over the last 12

months. I have no doubt that if we maintain our focus and continue to look

for ways to add value and sustain our businesses, our sector will find the

opportunities to come back stronger together. 

Jakkie Olivier , RMI Chief Executive Officer

Not the easiest of times to do business

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Here’s why…

Legacy and unity

We’ve been representing the retail motor industry for more than 100 years.

With more than 8 000-member businesses, our unity is our strength.

Your voice

RMI represents the industry at:

Centralised wage negotiations.

Various MIBCO and Industry-related Boards and committee structures.

Various South African Bureau of Standards (SABS)

committees and working groups.

The National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS), defending our

industry when compulsory specifications and standards are compromised.

The Moto Health Care Fund, Industry Provident Funds

and the Sick, Accident and Maternity Pay Fund.

Meetings hosted by reputable organisations recognised by government, big

business, consumers and relevant stakeholders like Business Unity SA (BUSA).

Supports your business

Professional industrial relations advice ensuring procedural

and substantive fairness when disciplining staff.

Chairing of disciplinary hearings and AUTOMATIC

entry at the CCMA, DRC and Labour Court.

Exceptional CPA support at the National Consumer Commission (NCC)

and the Motor Industry Ombudsman of South Africa (MIOSA).

Facilitation of a business-to-business complaint where both parties are

RMI members, with a complaint resolution rate in excess of 95%.

Training needs and representation via merSETA and W&RSETA.

Industry-specific products like RMI4BEE, RMI4LAW and RMI4OHS.

Keeps you in the know

Industry labour relations seminars.

Automobil magazine and weekly web letters.

Commenting on industry topics in the media, and participating

in and hosting numerous conventions and shows.



n the last five years Mitsubishi Motors South Africa (MMSA) have put a

tremendous amount of effort into ensuring that their customer service,

customer retention and positive brand image have been improved from

their already high levels.

The result is that MMSA has been recognised as one of the star perform-

ers by Mitsubishi Motors Middle East & Africa (MMMEA) with a Platinum

award, which is the highest award given to any distributor for the period

under review. This accolade is awarded to countries competing in the parent

company’s After Sales Business Excellence

Program, which is conducted annually and

represents service excellence by MMSA and

its dealer network relative to other regions.

This latest achievement is a result of ex-

ceeding targets in After-Sales, which includes

sub-categories such as Customer Satisfac-

tion and Retention Improvement programs

as well as Spare Parts and Accessory perfor-

mance. The rewards process saw Mitsubishi

Motors SA judged on a 1000-point system that is incredibly robust and sets

the good apart from the great.

In 2021, in their first year of participation, MMSA achieved Bronze, this

was followed by Gold in 2022 and now Platinum. Such rapid improvement

in a short period of time is testament to MMSA’s approach to ‘Lifetime Cus-

tomer Loyalty’ and the extraordinary growth that MMSA has achieved over

the last few years.

Consistently high levels of performance in key areas such as Business

Revenue, Business Development, Customer

Experience and Operational Excellence saw

MMSA improve once again and walk away

with the Platinum award in 2023.

Mitsubishi are entering an extremely ex-

citing phase. The all-new Outlander has just

been launched in South Africa and locally

Mitsubishi are on the brink of an extensive

product rollout that will see the brand refresh

their entire line up in the next 12 months. 

pel has revealed a new interpretation of its iconic emblem, the

‘Blitz’, which will feature on production vehicles as early as 2024.

It will continue to form a central element of the Opel Compass,

one of the main features of the Rüsselsheim-based carmaker’s exciting

and critically acclaimed design philosophy, while simultaneously continu-

ing to sit proudly at the centre of the Opel Vizor brand face. The lightning

bolt or ‘Blitz’ in German – is closely associated with electricity and is the

ideal emblem to symbolise Opel’s approach to the era of electromobility.

The sharpened, confident new ‘Blitz’, intersects the pure

supporting ring, giving the iconic emblem a progressive,

modern look. It is positioned proudly at the centre of the

compass, which remains the key graphic design principle.

The German carmaker will gradually roll out the new

‘Blitz’ across its product portfolio in the coming years

with the first production vehicle set to sport the new

look in 2024.  

ans of the BMW M brand can look forward to

the fact that BMW M has now officially con-

firmed that with the new edition of the BMW

M5, it will be adding a Touring variant to its model

range. The perfect symbiosis of M-typical perfor-

mance, uncompromising long-distance comfort

and impressive spaciousness will experience a re-

naissance in 2024 with the new BMW M5 Touring.

Just like the future BMW M5 Sedan, the Tour-

ing variant will also feature a completely newly

developed partially electrified drive system. Its

M-typical performance characteristics as well as

the precisely tuned chassis technology refined

with innovative systems facilitate driving dynam-

ics and agility at a level unique in this vehicle class.

Evolutionary progress, development know-

how from racing and pioneering innovations in

the areas of drive, suspension, aerodynamics and

lightweight construction have shaped the his-

tory of the BMW M5. Engines with six, eight and

ten cylinders, M TwinPower Turbo technology

and high-revving characteristics, the compound

brake system with M Carbon ceramic brakes and

M xDrive four-wheel drive are just some of the

technological milestones with which this model

has repeatedly redefined top performance in a

sedan that is unconditionally suitable for every-

day use. The seventh generation of the BMW M5

takes up on this – with fascinating innovations for

an even more intense performance experience. 

Mitsubishi Motors rewarded for

exceptional sales performance

Opel unveils new Blitz emblem

BMW confirms development

of M5 Touring

July 2023

A Driving force in South Africa’s automotive aftermarket

The Retail Motor Industry Organisation is a proactive, relevant, retail and associated motor industry organisation recognised

as the leading voice in South Africa‘s automotive after market. It serves the daily needs of its members and plays a key role

in enabling motor traders to deliver a superior service to motoring consumers. Eight Associations fall proudly under the RMI

umbrella. Inter-associational business-to-business trading is encouraged in the interests of all stakeholders.


Tel: +27 11 886 6300 | Surrey Square Office Park, 330 Surrey Avenue, Ferndale, Randburg, 2194, Gauteng, P. O. Box 2940, Randburg, 2125


Central: Randburg tel: +27 11 886 6300 | KwaZulu-Natal: Durban tel: +27 31 266 7031 | Eastern Cape/Border: Port Elizabeth tel: +27 41 364 0070 | 

Western Cape: Cape Town tel: +27 21 939 9440 | Free State / Northern Cape: Bloemfontein tel: +27 51 430 3294

SAPRA – South African Petroleum

Retailers’ Association

SAPRA represents the interests of all petroleum retailers in

South Africa. Its aim is to improve growth and profitability

for the investor. SAPRA plays an important role in tracking

global and local trends that affect sustainability and help

retailers remain relevant in an ever-changing business

environment. Retailers voice concerns through one of

the seven regional chairs strategically located around

the country, into a National Executive Committee (NEC),

where strategy and solutions are developed. This bottom

up approach is a fundamental SAPRA imperative.

SAMBRA – South African Motor Body

Repairers’ Association

SAMBRA is the pre-eminent motor body repair association in

South Africa representing the majority of accredited motor body

repairers. SAMBRA’s grading system, which was introduced over

30 years ago, regulates repairer standards in the motor body repair

industry in South Africa and instils confidence in consumers and

industry stakeholders alike. The Association works in close collab-

oration with various key industry stakeholders including Insurers,

Original Equipment Suppliers, paint and equipment suppliers, the

labour department and trade unions, as well as related SETAs – to

maintain industry sustainability and development. It ensures the

provision of technical and business management skills training in

order for members to meet the demands of the industry.

TEPA – Tyre, Equipment, Parts Association

TEPA represents tyre dealers; garage/workshop equipment and

tool importers and distributors; auto part wholesalers, retailers

and independent operators in the aftermarket motor parts

industry as well as manufacturers and importers of parts for

the automotive aftermarket. The members of TEPA represent,

promote, sell and endorse the use of legitimate, bona fide,

quality branded products. TEPA members also export parts,

equipment and components into Africa and other countries in

the world. TEPA encourages at all times inter-associational RMI

business-to-business trading, intent on strengthening the RMI

Organisation as a whole. TEPA is seen as the mark of integrity

and fair trade for the consumer, the business operator and the

government. The Association is the legitimate voice of the tyre,

equipment, and parts industry in South Africa and is positioned

as an intermediary between government, business, and the


VTA – Vehicle Testing Association

The VTA represents private vehicle testing stations that are

committed to operating within the law in accordance with the

Road Traffic Act and the relevant SANS standards. In this highly

regulated environment, the association represents the interests

of its members at government level working groups and is

committed to enhancing the reputation of the industry in all the


ARA – Automotive Remanufacturers’ Association

ARA represents the remanufacturing trade sector. This includes

component remanufacturers involved in safety-critical compo-

nents, inclusive of but not limited to vehicle cooling, turbocharg-

er and braking systems; automotive engineers who machine and

remanufacture engine components by way of expert engineer-

ing – ultimately rebuilding engines to its original specifications;

and specialists in the repair, servicing and remanufacturing of

diesel fuel injection systems fitted to diesel engines in earth mov-

ing equipment, highway trucks, stationary engines and passen-

ger vehicles. ARA promotes the responsible reuse of remanufac-

tured engine components for a ‘greener’ environment (carbon

footprint). Its members are dedicated to providing consumers

with only the best of advice, finest service delivery, and highest

quality workmanship.

NADA – National Automobile Dealers’ Association

NADA represents the interests of business people who own or

operate new motor vehicle and motorcycle franchise dealerships

and qualifying used motor vehicle and motorcycle outlets. NADA

is committed to the image enhancement of the retail motor busi-

ness, facilitating the interface between dealers and OEMs; import-

ers and distributors; building relationships between dealers and

customers and bringing relevant industry issues to the attention of

government. NADA is the respected voice on all matters relating to

motor vehicle and motorcycle dealer business.

MIWA – Motor Industry Workshop Association

MIWA, the Independent Workshop Association, representing

general repairs, auto electrical; air conditioning; accessories and

fitment as well as transmission and driveline workshops strives

to remain ahead of the ever-changing technologies and best

practices of the aftermarket motor industry. MIWA encourages

members to support inter-associational, business-to-business

trading with a view to strengthen the RMI. MIWA remains the

leading resource for members ensuring continued relevance and


SAVABA – South African Vehicle and

Bodybuilders’ Association

SAVABA members are professional, certified and regulated

vehicle body builders in South Africa who manufacture

commercial vehicle body applications (tanker, coal, refrigerated

trucks and trailers) and bus bodies (commuter and tourist

type). Members manufacture using the latest equipment and

highly trained staff to ensure strict compliance with NRCS

regulations; SABS standards and all other legal specifications

and requirements.


July 2023


Reuben van Niekerk

ord’s recent investments in its South African manufacturing facilities

are allowing the company to deliver on its ambitious targets, achieve

record production and the highest levels of quality to date for the Sil-

verton assembly plant, located in Pretoria.

As part of the massive investment announced in 2021, Ford constructed

its first on site stamping plant, built a completely new highly automated body

shop and modernised the assembly plant with the latest in production tech-

nologies. In addition a new Ford owned and operated chassis plant was con-

structed in the Tshwane Automotive Special Economic Zone, adjacent to the

Silverton plant and a specially developed vehicle modification centre was in-

stalled to facilitate the fitment of factory approved accessories such as roller

shutters and canopies prior to delivery, a task that was previously handled by

the dealer network. These fitments can now be done using the same quality

controls and processes as those of the main vehicle assembly line.

The result is that the Silverton plant has an installed capacity of up to

200 000 vehicles per year, which includes the Ford Ranger and well as

Volkswagen Amarok as part of the Ford-VW strategic alliance. Thanks to

three shifts that work 24 hours a day, the plant is capable of producing 720

vehicles a day.

Despite these increases in volume there have also been massive im-

provements in first-time through, which is a measure of the quality of the

production components and processes and minimises the need for repairs

or reworks on the line. This contributes to the efficiency of the production,

the achievement of the required volumes and results in better quality prod-

ucts for Ford customers.

High-tech imaging system installed to improve quality control

To ensure that every vehicle that rolls off the Silverton Assembly plant meets

stringent quality criteria, the company has invested R20-million in a DeGould

Auto Scan system that replaces inspection by people with an advanced sys-

tem that utilises multiple cameras and artificial intelligence to inspect each

vehicle. The system captures high-definition full-body images of every ve-

hicle that passes through the Silverton plant’s shipping tunnel and can de-

tect any misbuilds, damage or defects smaller than what can consistently be

found by the naked eye. It takes just six seconds to capture high-definition

images of the vehicle and detect any faults.

The system also keeps a record of the vehicles condition when it leaves

the factory, allowing Ford to narrow down any subsequent damage to han-

dlers such as road freight operators, shipping handlers or the dealers them-

selves. This system is a highly effective tool in raising the quality of the vehi-

cles coming out of the Silverton plant, while providing an excellent source of

data for any claims disputes.

Investing in the working environment

Although Ford’s current production plant sees the introduction of increased

automation throughout, the plant still relies heavily on humans to build the

vehicles that they do. Creating a working environment that is welcoming for

its employees was integral in the latest round of upgrades.

Ford have spent over R20-million over the past six months updating em-

ployee facilities, canteens and communal areas. Most recently Ford installed

a fully equipped laundry facility, at a cost of R5 million, which enables em-

ployees to have their personal protection equipment clothing such as over-

alls washed on site, ready to be worn for the next shift.

Managing load shedding

Ford’s Silverton Vehicle Assembly plant in Pretoria is protected from load-

shedding as a heavy industry manufacturer. However the Struandale engine

plant in the Eastern Cape is affected from stage five of loadshedding based

on a predetermined schedule that ranges from one 24-hour period in an

eight day cycle during stage five to four 24 hour periods in an eight day cycle

during stage eight.

Ford is continuously working to minimise its reliance on the grid and in

May 2022 they switched on a pioneering solar project at Silverton, which

uses 3 610 solar photovoltaic carports to generate 35 percent of the plant’s

electricity requirements. Ford will continue to monitor the situation and in-

vestigate ways to mitigate against potential risks and decrease their poten-

tial on the national grid. 

Ford makes further investments

in local production facilities


RMI Executives

RMI Board Members

RMI Directors

RMI Head Office

Chief Executive Officer:

Jakkie Olivier

Cell: 082 452 5150

Chief Operations Officer:

Jan Schoeman

Cell: 082 552 7712

Financial Director:

Renee Coetsee

Cell: 082 412 6760

Company Secretary:

Gary McCraw

Cell: 082 560 6613

Jakkie Olivier – CEO

Jeanne Esterhuizen – President

Ferose Oaten - Vice President

Frank MacNicol

Eugene Ranft

Teresa Spenser-Higgs

Les McMaster

Johann van de Merwe

Mams Rehaman

Sandra Singh

Charles Canning

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Attie Serfontein

Cell: 082 452 5153


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Jacques Viljoen

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Vishal Premlall

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Julian Pillay

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Training Director

Louis van Huyssteen

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Transformation Director

Nonhlanhla Noni Tshabalala

Cell: 083 208 7161

Labour Director

Jeffrey Molefe

Cell: 082 560 6617

Danelle van der Merwe

Brand and Communication Manager

Cell: 082 926 5846

Nonhlanhla Noni Tshabalala

HR Manager

Cell: 083 208 7161

Julian Pillay

Regulatory Compliance Manager

Cell: 082 560 6625


Surrey Square Office Park

330 Surrey Avenue,

Ferndale, Randburg


RMI Regional Offices

Julian Pillay: Regional Manager: KwaZulu-Natal

Enrico Phillips Regional Manager: Western Cape

Peter van Mosseveld: Regional Manager: Eastern Cape/Border

Raoul Spinola: Regional Manager: Central

(Gauteng/Northwest/ Mpumalanga/ Limpopo)

Reemo Swartz: Regional Manager: Free State/Northern Cape

Central: Randburg: 011 886 6300

KwaZulu-Natal: Durban: 031 266 7031

Eastern Cape/Border: Port Elizabeth: 041 364 0070

Western Cape: Cape Town: 021 939 9440

Free State/Northern Cape: Bloemfontein: 051 430 3294


RMI4Law 0861 668 677

RMI4BEE 066 292 0102

RMI4OHS 072 787 5503


July 2023


oyota South Africa Motors (TSAM) has ap-

pointed Anton Falck, as Vice President of

Hino South Africa. Falck takes over from Er-

nie Trautmann, who has retired. Falck was original-

ly a student of Consumer Behaviour and Market-

ing, but since joining Toyota SA Motors in 1987, he

has done duty in several divisions of the company.

His previous experience includes area manage-

ment, marketing communications, vehicle sales,

dealer representation, overseeing Automark,

TSAM’s used vehicle franchise and more recently

running the Toyota Academy of Learning.

“I am honoured to have been granted this

rare opportunity to head up, what we believe to

be an important truck brand in South Africa and

to ensure that Hino makes a valuable contribu-

tion to the local economy,” said Falck.

“We are pleased to have successfully launched

the highly anticipated new Hino 700 last month.

This vehicle sets a new standards in its class,

boasting exceptional performance and outstand-

ing safety features at a highly competitive price.

The product has been well received and the initial

feedback from both our dealer network and cus-

tomers has been overwhelmingly positive.

“We are aggressively promoting the Hino 700

and anticipate that over the next few years, the

Hino 700 will help us establish a strong presence

in the extra-heavy segment, where we have not

played a significant role previously,” commented


The Hino SA Vice President said the compa-

ny’s initial commercial market forecast for 2023

was around 31 500 units. However, after five

months of sales, it has become evident that the

market is larger than anticipated, with an impres-

sive growth rate of 11.6% over 2022. Taking this

into account, Hino SA expects the total commer-

cial vehicle market to range between 33 500 and

35 000 units in 2023.

Falck explained that Hino trucks, which have

been on South African roads for more than 50

years, have not only proved popular in terms

of sales volumes, but the dealer network of 65

dealers – 21 exclusive truck dealers and 44 dual

car and truck outlets – continues to provide

outstanding customer satisfaction. Hino was

once again ranked best overall in the 2023 Quar-

ter 1 DataTrack survey, in addition to achieving

the highest score in sales and service.

“The current market trends and our success-

es indicate a promising future for Hino in South

Africa. We are confident that our reliable trucks

and competitive pricing, coupled with our strong

dealer network and aftersales support efforts,

will position us favourably in the southern Afri-

can commercial vehicle market going forward,”

concluded Falck. 

ontinental have launched their most sus-

tainable series tyre to date – the UltraCon-

tact NXT. With up to 65 percent renewable,

recycled and mass balance certified materials, it

combines a remarkably high share of sustain-

able materials with maximum safety and per-

formance. Continental is the first manufacturer

to launch a tyre with both a high share of sus-

tainable materials and maximum EU tyre-label

performance in volume production. All 19 sizes

available will carry the highest possible rating

(“A”) of the EU tyre label in rolling resistance, wet

braking, and exterior noise

Depending on its tyre size, the UltraContact

NXT is made from up to 65 percent renewable,

recycled and mass balance certified materials.

Renewable materials account for up to 32 per-

cent. The proportion of recyclable materials is

up to five percent. Furthermore, Continental

sourced an amount of up to 28 percent ISCC PLUS

mass balance approach certified materials from

bio, bio-circular and circular feedstock.

Renewable materials account for up to 32 per-

cent of the UltraContact NXT. This includes resins

based on residual materials from the paper and

wood industries. Used in tyres, resins allow highly

flexible compounds to improve the material’s grip.

The Ultra Contact NXT contains silicate from the

ash of rice husks. Rice husks are an agricultural

waste product which may be processed into sili-

ca through a new, less energy consuming process.

Silica helps to optimise characteristics such as grip,

rolling resistance and tyre life. As in every tyre,

natural rubber is a key material of the UltraCon-

tact NXT. It remains indispensable as it ensures the

highest tyre performance properties because of

its elevated level of strength and durability.

In addition, Continental is using recycled steel

in the UltraContact NXT. The innovative ContiRe.

Tex technology has also been adopted for the Ul-

traContact NXT. It generates high-performance

polyester fibres to reinforce the tyre carcass

through recycling PET bottles, which otherwise

would have ended up in incinerators or landfills.

With the ContiRe.Tex technology, Continen-

tal has developed a more energy-efficient and

eco-friendly alternative that allows it to recycle

between nine and fifteen plastic bottles for each

tyre, depending on the tyre size.

For the UltraContact NXT, Continental uses up

to 28 percent ISCC PLUS mass balance certified

materials. These are sustainable synthetic rubber

and carbon black made from biobased, bio-cir-

cular and/or circular feedstock. Synthetic rubber

is a performance-defining ingredient of modern

passenger car tyres, as its properties can be en-

gineered specifically for its application. Carbon

black is used in rubber compounds to optimise

stability, strength, and the durability of tyres. The

ISCC PLUS certified balance mechanism ensures

transparency and traceability throughout the

supply chain by tracking the origin and character-

istics of raw materials, verifying compliance with

sustainable criteria, and certifying the resulting


Hino undergoes

management change

Continental launches tyre made

from renewable materials


ichael Humphreys has been appointed by Supa Quick as its new

managing director to lead the company in line with Bridgestone

Southern Africa’s vision of delivering accelerated social and

customer value as a sustainable solutions company. In order to achieve

this, Humphreys’ appointment seeks to establish a new management

structure that has an increased focus on distinct Bridgestone business

portfolios including the Supa-Quick franchise, its core tyre and rubber

business and its mining solutions business.

Humphreys has extensive retail and franchise experience

that he has built up over more than 20 years in this environ-

ment, which makes him ideally suited to drive Bridgestone’s

vision for Supa Quick. He transitioned from designing retail

spaces as an architect to helping brands like Spar and Eskort

improve their retail efficiencies.

“The main vision is to become the franchise brand of choice through-

out Southern Africa. One of the benefits of including all the equity stores

under our brand is that it gives us a foothold in South Africa, Namibia,

Botswana, Zambia and eSwatini. This increases our negotiating pow-

er with suppliers because we’re exponentially growing our stores to

about 230 this year. That makes us significantly bigger than the clos-

est competitor,” says Humphreys.

Humphreys concludes that he relishes the challenge of

changing the mindset of motorists to view regular main-

tenance not as a grudge purchase, but an essential pur-

chase. And that the proposition for franchisees will be

all the more attractive as Supa Quick has a dedicated and

professional team committed to helping franchisees grow

their business. 

Supa Quick appoints

new managing director

issan South Africa is launching Value Advantage Parts, an initiative that

offers a carefully curated line up of parts and kits tailored to the needs of

out of warranty vehicle owners and offers a cost-effective alternative to

Nissan Genuine Parts while upholding the trusted standards for Nissan-validated


“Considering the prevailing economic challenges in South Africa, Nissan South

Africa remains committed to providing more accessible and affordable vehicle

maintenance and repair options. Value Advantage Parts address the concerns

of cost-sensitive customers without compromising on quality, durability, wear

and tear, or safety specifications,” says Ibrahim Rageh, Nissan Africa Aftersales


The range of Value Advantage Parts including essential items such as service

kits, oil filters, air filters, cabin filters, wiper blades, brake components, clutch kits,

shocks, and many more are designed to offer the best possible performance and

longevity for out of warranty Nissan vehicles, tested and validated according to

Nissan technical standards.

These parts and kits have been made available for a range of Nissan models in

South Africa, from iconic local favourites like the Almera and 1400 bakkie, to the

daily commuters like the NV350 taxi. All Value Advantage Parts are available for

over-the-counter sales, but when fitted by a participating Nissan dealer, also main-

tain a 12-month, peace-of-mind warranty.

Value Advantage Parts serve as an option between Nissan Genuine Parts and

less expensive, aftermarket parts. Nissan Genuine Parts are the same as the ones

that were fitted in the vehicle when it was manufactured, while Value Advantage

Parts are a cost-competitive alternative validated to Nissan Aftersales standards to

service out of warranty vehicles. 

For more information about Value Advantage Parts and to find

your nearest Nissan dealer, visit


Nissan South Africa introduces

value advantage parts


July 2023

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