Automobil September 2023

As always Automobil brings you the latest automotive and industry news, association updates as well as informative articles on finance, labour, legal topics and much more. This month we bring you the latest news from Mahindra, Ferrari, Goodyear, AIDC and Castrol while Wesbank highlights the key trends currently affecting the SA automotive sector.

September 2023


tHe DeepeSt bUSINeSS reACH INtO tHe SA retAIL mOtOr INDUStrY




pOrSCHe CeLebrAteS 60 YeArS OF 911



03 . Driver’s Seat: Jakkie Olivier, CEO of the RMI

30 . Tech Talk: Water injection for more power and efficiency

32 . Finance: A lifeline for struggling businesses

34 . Legal: Thumbs up or thumbs down?

35 . Labour: Safety regarding the use of cell phones in the workplace

36 . Cultural heritage and B-BBEE


05 . News

09 . Industry News

18 . New products

20 . RMI News

24 . Association News


21 . Behind the Scenes with the SAPRA NEC

26 . Representing the interests of petroleum retailers

28 . Interview: Jay Patel keeps 84-year old tyre fitment centre booming

37 . New models Mitsubishi Triton, Porsche 911, Toyota GR Corolla,

Suzuki Fronx

41 . Motorcycles: Honda launches CB750 Hornet

42 . Ford to tackle 2023 Dakar rally


41 . Member Update

42 . Sales: July 2023 vehicle sales figures




September 2023

September 2023


tHe DeepeSt bUSINeSS reACH INtO tHe SA retAIL mOtOr INDUStrY


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September 2023

eDItOr’S Letter

DrIVer’S SeAt

For information on the RMI and its workings, visit or call 011 886 6300

hat a whirlwind the past two weeks have been! The RMi just fin-

ished exhibiting at the Festival of Motoring at Kyalami, which was

a great success. It is always so important to showcase our brand

to our customers and give them the peace of mind in knowing that by using

an RMI accredited member their vehicle will be tended to according to the

highest quality standards.

In a couple of days we head off for Johannesburg Expo Centre for the 8th

edition of Automechanika Johannesburg, the largest business platform for

the automotive aftermarket on the African continent. It is the ideal meeting

place for all stakeholders to gather, connect, and network, bringing together

suppliers and buyers and showcasing rapidly changing technologies and

processes. The event will play host to multiple sector-related conferences

making it a must-attend event for those involved in the automotive

aftermarket sector. Of course, the RMI and its constituent

Associations will be there in force – building momentum

together with the team from Automechanika. We greatly

value the partnership with Messe Frankfurt and welcome the

opportunity to showcase our values, services and products to

other owners and product suppliers.

We will once again have a large stand at the show

supported by each of our eight Associations. We’ve got

some exciting activities planned including the debut of

our new corporate video.

In addition to our stand, we will also be

hosting a number of executive meetings and

conferences. In celebration of women’s month

in August we will be hosting our Women Driving

change event with a theme: Enough strength for

the journey. It promises to be another exciting celebration of our heritage,

diversity and inclusion.

On the labour and training front, we are hosting an RMI Labour and Skills

conference that will look at labour law and skills in the automotive aftermarket

– particularly regarding who’s pushing and who’s pulling. The demand and

supply of skills and labour are crucial in improving competitiveness and

allowing the industry to contribute even more significantly to the country’s

GDP so this will be a critical conference to attend.

Equally there will be a strong focus on compliance with TEPA hosting an

impressive line-up of expert speakers for their one day ‘Blow the Whistle’

conference on 7 September. The session will focus on the very important

issue of industry compliance and the need to set up an Industry Compliance

Forum. Their powerful slogan of #seeitsayit should resonate with delegates.

MIWA will co-host a conference unpacking and reviewing where we

are two years on with the Guidelines for Competition in South Africa. The

conference entitled ‘The Guidelines – Making it work for YOU!’ will also

include a good global view from the CEO of the Australian Automotive

Aftermarket Association (AAAA).

Finally, the VTA will be hosting a conference that promises to be an

exciting and vibrant information-sharing and networking event for all vehicle

testing industry stakeholders. Topics that will be covered include testing of

electric vehicles and corruption in the vehicle testing industry.

As you can see the stage is set for an informative and vibrant couple of

days with jam-packed activities and networking opportunities. It really is the

one event in the year you don’t want to miss so we encourage all members

to really make an effort to attend.  

Jakkie Olivier, RMI Chief Executive Officer

It is show time

s we put this issue of Automobil

to bed in between the Festival of

Motoring at Kyalami and the up-

coming Automechanika it got me think-

ing about the importance of these types

of trade shows.

Trade shows are a great opportunity

for exhibitors and visitors alike to ex-

pand their horizons. For exhibitors they

are an important part of their marketing

strategy and an opportunity to directly

engage with customers, clients or part-

ners in a way that is different to any oth-

er type of marketing.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed

the way we do business, interact and

shop. Virtual meetings are now the

norm and online shopping the preferred

way of acquiring raw materials, parts

and other goods needed to keep your

business running.

However, this method very often sees

people stick to what they know. With no

opportunity to touch and feel people are

inclined to keep buying the brands and

products they know and doing business

with the people that they have existing

relationships with.

Trade shows offer the opportunity to

discover new and exciting products and

chat to the people behind them. You

never know, you might be missing out on

something innovative. These events are

also a great opportunity to meet people

face to face, shake their hand and estab-

lish new relationships or cement existing

ones. The networking opportunities at

such an event are unrivalled.

Ahead of Automechanika I would like

to recommend that business owners

and suppliers set some time aside, get

out from behind their computers and

out of their offices and go shake hands

at Automechanika. It could very well

benefit your business in the long run.

Automechanika Johannesburg runs

from 5-7 September at the Nasrec Expo


reuben van Niekerk,

Go shake some hands

take the

Automobil reader

survey here

View the July

sales figures



Here’s why…

Legacy and unity

We’ve been representing the retail motor industry for more than 100 years.

With more than 8 000-member businesses, our unity is our strength.

Your voice

RMI represents the industry at:

Centralised wage negotiations.

Various MIBCO and Industry-related Boards and committee structures.

Various South African Bureau of Standards (SABS)

committees and working groups.

The National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS), defending our

industry when compulsory specifications and standards are compromised.

The Moto Health Care Fund, Industry Provident Funds

and the Sick, Accident and Maternity Pay Fund.

Meetings hosted by reputable organisations recognised by government, big

business, consumers and relevant stakeholders like Business Unity SA (BUSA).

Supports your business

Professional industrial relations advice ensuring procedural

and substantive fairness when disciplining staff.

Chairing of disciplinary hearings and AUTOMATIC

entry at the CCMA, DRC and Labour Court.

Exceptional CPA support at the National Consumer Commission (NCC)

and the Motor Industry Ombudsman of South Africa (MIOSA).

Facilitation of a business-to-business complaint where both parties are

RMI members, with a complaint resolution rate in excess of 95%.

Training needs and representation via merSETA and W&RSETA.

Industry-specific products like RMI4BEE, RMI4LAW and RMI4OHS.

Keeps you in the know

Industry labour relations seminars.

Automobil magazine and weekly web letters.

Commenting on industry topics in the media, and participating

in and hosting numerous conventions and shows.



September 2023

ahindra has showcased its new Global Pik Up Concept at its signa-

ture Futurescape event in Cape Town.

Based on the tough and versatile new generation ladder frame

platform, the global Pik Up promises to be one of the markets most versa-

tile and capable pickups when it goes into production and this vehicle rep-

resents Mahindra’s commitment to providing an authentic experience that

combines utility and innovation.

The design of the global Pik Up by Mahindra was founded on creating a

versatile and multipurpose tool tailored to the modern world. Mahindra’s

R&D teams and engineers conducted thorough research to gain insights

from various countries, shaping the vehicles design to meet customer pref-

erences. The Global Pik Up has been designed as a versatile, robust and

stylish vehicle, suitable for a wide range of applications. Its exterior is built

to with stand demanding conditions, while its interior offers comfort and

ample space.

The Global Pik Up combines functionality with aesthetics, delivering a driv-

ing experience that is both comfortable and reliable. The interior has been

crafted to provide convenience, with luxurious touches and a spacious layout.

The Global Pik Up has been thoughtfully designed to serve various life-

style requirements. With its substantial cargo bed and commendable tow-

ing capacity, it offers a practical solution for a diverse range of tasks.

With safety as a core focus, the Global Pik Up aims to meet global stan-

dards, including a five-star rating, using advanced safety technologies. The

vehicle’s convenience and driving experience is elevated through innovative

technology features. Mahindra’s intelligent 4Xplore four-wheel drive system

further augments the Pik Up capabilities, making it suitable for diverse en-


cuderia South Africa, the official Ferrari

distributor in Southern Africa, is pleased to

announce that Smartgrowth Investments

Proprietary Limited, with André Rossouw as

the Chief Executive Officer, has acquired all the

equity of the group. This follows the successful

conclusion of negotiations that commenced in

November 2022 for the purchase of shares from

the company’s previous shareholders.

Moving into the future, André Rossouw brings

a wealth of experience, having previously served

in several senior management positions in the

luxury sports car business over the last 15 years.

“These certainly are exciting times for Ferrari

in South Africa and we look forward to support-

ing this amazing brand under the new ownership

structure,” commented André Rossouw, Chief

Executive Officer at Scuderia South Africa.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary as the official

Ferrari dealer, Scuderia South Africa has exten-

sive plans for the remainder of 2023. Two new

models, the Ferrari Purosangue and the Ferrari

Roma Spider are set to debut in South Africa in

the fourth quarter of this year, further bolstering

the line-up of supercars already available to our

discerning customers.

“Our world-class showrooms will continue

to provide a unique glimpse into the world of

Ferrari. It remains a hub where customers and

enthusiasts can appreciate the vehicles and

learn more about the proud heritage of the

brand,” Rossouw concluded. 

Mahindra unveils Global

Pik Up Concept

Ownership of Scuderia

South Africa changes hands

A Driving force in South Africa’s automotive aftermarket

The Retail Motor Industry Organisation is a proactive, relevant, retail and associated motor industry organisation recognised

as the leading voice in South Africa‘s automotive after market. It serves the daily needs of its members and plays a key role

in enabling motor traders to deliver a superior service to motoring consumers. Eight Associations fall proudly under the RMI

umbrella. Inter-associational business-to-business trading is encouraged in the interests of all stakeholders.


Tel: +27 11 886 6300 | Surrey Square Office Park, 330 Surrey Avenue, Ferndale, Randburg, 2194, Gauteng, P. O. Box 2940, Randburg, 2125


Central: Randburg tel: +27 11 886 6300 | KwaZulu-Natal: Durban tel: +27 31 266 7031 | Eastern Cape/Border: Port Elizabeth tel: +27 41 364 0070 | 

Western Cape: Cape Town tel: +27 21 939 9440 | Free State / Northern Cape: Bloemfontein tel: +27 51 430 3294

SAprA – South African Petroleum

Retailers’ Association

SAPRA represents the interests of all petroleum retailers in

South Africa. Its aim is to improve growth and profitability

for the investor. SAPRA plays an important role in tracking

global and local trends that affect sustainability and help

retailers remain relevant in an ever-changing business

environment. Retailers voice concerns through one of

the seven regional chairs strategically located around

the country, into a National Executive Committee (NEC),

where strategy and solutions are developed. This bottom

up approach is a fundamental SAPRA imperative.

SAmbrA – South African Motor Body

Repairers’ Association

SAMBRA is the pre-eminent motor body repair association in

South Africa representing the majority of accredited motor body

repairers. SAMBRA’s grading system, which was introduced over

30 years ago, regulates repairer standards in the motor body repair

industry in South Africa and instils confidence in consumers and

industry stakeholders alike. The Association works in close collab-

oration with various key industry stakeholders including Insurers,

Original Equipment Suppliers, paint and equipment suppliers, the

labour department and trade unions, as well as related SETAs – to

maintain industry sustainability and development. It ensures the

provision of technical and business management skills training in

order for members to meet the demands of the industry.

tepA – Tyre, Equipment, Parts Association

TEPA represents tyre dealers; garage/workshop equipment and

tool importers and distributors; auto part wholesalers, retailers

and independent operators in the aftermarket motor parts

industry as well as manufacturers and importers of parts for

the automotive aftermarket. The members of TEPA represent,

promote, sell and endorse the use of legitimate, bona fide,

quality branded products. TEPA members also export parts,

equipment and components into Africa and other countries in

the world. TEPA encourages at all times inter-associational RMI

business-to-business trading, intent on strengthening the RMI

Organisation as a whole. TEPA is seen as the mark of integrity

and fair trade for the consumer, the business operator and the

government. The Association is the legitimate voice of the tyre,

equipment, and parts industry in South Africa and is positioned

as an intermediary between government, business, and the


VtA – Vehicle Testing Association

The VTA represents private vehicle testing stations that are

committed to operating within the law in accordance with the

Road Traffic Act and the relevant SANS standards. In this highly

regulated environment, the association represents the interests

of its members at government level working groups and is

committed to enhancing the reputation of the industry in all the


ArA – Automotive Remanufacturers’ Association

ARA represents the remanufacturing trade sector. This includes

component remanufacturers involved in safety-critical compo-

nents, inclusive of but not limited to vehicle cooling, turbocharg-

er and braking systems; automotive engineers who machine and

remanufacture engine components by way of expert engineer-

ing – ultimately rebuilding engines to its original specifications;

and specialists in the repair, servicing and remanufacturing of

diesel fuel injection systems fitted to diesel engines in earth mov-

ing equipment, highway trucks, stationary engines and passen-

ger vehicles. ARA promotes the responsible reuse of remanufac-

tured engine components for a ‘greener’ environment (carbon

footprint). Its members are dedicated to providing consumers

with only the best of advice, finest service delivery, and highest

quality workmanship.

NADA – National Automobile Dealers’ Association

NADA represents the interests of business people who own or

operate new motor vehicle and motorcycle franchise dealerships

and qualifying used motor vehicle and motorcycle outlets. NADA

is committed to the image enhancement of the retail motor busi-

ness, facilitating the interface between dealers and OEMs; import-

ers and distributors; building relationships between dealers and

customers and bringing relevant industry issues to the attention of

government. NADA is the respected voice on all matters relating to

motor vehicle and motorcycle dealer business.

mIWA – Motor Industry Workshop Association

MIWA, the Independent Workshop Association, representing

general repairs, auto electrical; air conditioning; accessories and

fitment as well as transmission and driveline workshops strives

to remain ahead of the ever-changing technologies and best

practices of the aftermarket motor industry. MIWA encourages

members to support inter-associational, business-to-business

trading with a view to strengthen the RMI. MIWA remains the

leading resource for members ensuring continued relevance and


SAVAbA – South African Vehicle and

Bodybuilders’ Association

SAVABA members are professional, certified and regulated

vehicle body builders in South Africa who manufacture

commercial vehicle body applications (tanker, coal, refrigerated

trucks and trailers) and bus bodies (commuter and tourist

type). Members manufacture using the latest equipment and

highly trained staff to ensure strict compliance with NRCS

regulations; SABS standards and all other legal specifications

and requirements.



hich used cars have the highest de-

mand in South Africa in 2023? Which

is the most in demand brand? And

how many car searches happen every second?

The 2023 AutoTrader Mid-Year Car Industry Re-

port reveals the answers to these questions.

This report – which covers the first six months

of 2023 – delves into used car sales data, provid-

ing several interesting local in-market car shop-

ping insights.

Toyota is the leading brand in the local used

car market in 2023, selling an impressive 28 061

passenger cars and achieving a 17% share of the

used car market. The average price of the sold

Toyota vehicles amounts to R420 021, with an av-

erage mileage of 86 373km and an average mod-

el year of 2018.

However, Toyota does not reign supreme

when it comes to the top-selling used car model

in South Africa this year. That honour goes to the

Ford Ranger, which has an average selling price of

R433 371, with an average mileage of 90 659km

and an average model year of 2010. Impressively,

the Ranger has accounted for over 9 301 used car

units sold this year, constituting 6% of the overall

sales figure.

The Toyota Hilux does, however, emerge as

the second most sold used car in South Africa.

The Volkswagen Polo, in third place, fills the re-

maining podium position.

The list of the top 10 most sold used cars

is similar to that of new cars sold and the top

10 most enquired used models – but it is far

from identical. Four vehicles – the VW Polo,

Mercedes-Benz C-Class, BMW 3 Series and Ford

EcoSport – appear on the list of top-selling used

cars, but not on the list of top-selling new cars.

In addition, there are four cars on the list of

top-selling new cars that don’t make an appear-

ance on the list of used top sellers. They are the

Toyota Corolla Cross, Toyota Hiace, Toyota Starlet

and Suzuki Swift.

According to AutoTrader’s Used Car Sales

Data, when it comes to brand sales, Toyota

emerged as the leading brand in the local used

car market with approximately 28 061 used pas-

senger car sales. Volkswagen took second posi-

tion with 22 640 used passenger car sales and

finally, Ford took the third spot with 18 836 used

passenger car sales. 

eady to reassure and thrill, the Eagle F1 Asym-

metric 6 is EV-ready and reduces noise and roll-

ing resistance.

Designed to suit a wide range of cars, including hot

hatches, sporty compacts, family cars, luxury sedans

and sports coupes, Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6 features a

number of innovations to build on the award-winning

Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5. The result is a tyre designed

to both reassure drivers with its wet braking and han-

dling abilities and thrill them with its outstanding dry

performance and sporty credentials. With new tech-

nology to improve dry performance, wet braking, wet

handling and electric vehicle suitability, Goodyear Ea-

gle F1 Asymmetric 6 is ready for anything.

“Goodyear has a proud heritage of delivering inno-

vative tyres to South African drivers for over 75 years.

We now proudly present the Eagle F1 Asymmetric

6, the latest in our award-winning range of Eagle F1

tyres,” said Shane Petersen, Director of Consumer

Business, Goodyear South Africa.

“With key innovations to improve dry perfor-

mance and wet braking and handling, it is ready for

the most demanding performance, simultaneously

reassuring and thrilling drivers,” adds Petersen.

Every tyre in Goodyear’s range is EV-ready, but

Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6 has been specifically designed

with manufacturers’ EV requirements in mind. Its

noise cancelling pattern results in a reduction of 1 dB,

shown on the tyre label, while its new compound

technology reduces rolling resistance, to help in-

crease electric range. The result is a tyre that is ready

for the next generation of mobility. 

Goodyear launches

Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6

September 2023

Which used cars are

most in demand?

Top 10 mostt sold used models





Ford Ranger

9 301

R433 371

90 659km


Toyota Hilux

8 551

R454 294

102 931km


Volkswagen Polo

7 355

R266 230

63 784km


Volkswagen Polo Vivo

4 897

R193 929

64 144km


Toyota Fortuner

4 175

R465 196

105 428km


Mercedes-Benz C-Class

3 768

R436 256

96 200km


BMW 3 Series

3 202

R371 773

100 568km


Ford EcoSport

2 944

R246 794

53 944km


Nissan NP200

2 069

R168 585

83 141km



Isuzu D-Max

1 988

R387 562

31 527km



RMI Executives

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Company Secretary:

Gary McCraw

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Jakkie Olivier – CEO

Jeanne Esterhuizen – President

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Surrey Square Office Park

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Ferndale, Randburg


RMI Regional Offices

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(Gauteng/Northwest/ Mpumalanga/ Limpopo)

Reemo Swartz: Regional Manager: Free State/Northern Cape

Central: Randburg: 011 886 6300

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RMI4Law 0861 668 677

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he sixth Festival of Motoring, powered by

WesBank, took place at the Kyalami Grand

Prix Circuit at the end of August.

As a key theme during his keynote address,

Ghana Msibi, WesBank CEO, highlighted several

significant trends that are shaping the sector and

will continue to dictate the evolution of the auto-

motive industry in South Africa.

Key among these is the cost of new vehicle

ownership, which, according to WesBank’s data,

has sharply increased in the years between 2012

and 2023, with the highest annual spike being an

increase of over 21%, experienced between 2021

and 2022.

“The less than favourable Rand/Dollar ex-

change rate has not aided in lifting the affordabil-

ity burden for South Africans. One needs only to

look at new vehicle prices to see the devastating

impact of the weak Rand. The average deal size

on WesBank’s books for internal combustion

engine (ICE) cars, for instance, has risen to over

R300 000, while the average price of new en-

ergy vehicles (NEVs) is between R800 000 and

R900 000,” said Msibi.

Msibi emphasised the urgent need to intro-

duce more affordable electric vehicles (EVs) for

domestic sale to close the price disparity that ex-

ists between ICE cars and EVs.

“We can’t wait for a change in Government

policy to ensure the survival of the automotive

sector. There is an opportunity to stimulate de-

mand for EVs through the introduction of more

affordable models, which is critical to ensure the

longevity of the sector,” emphasised Msibi.

“The picture is not completely bleak, though.

There are some green shoots, including the lat-

est consumer price index (CPI) data, which has

dropped to 4.7%, the lowest level we’ve seen in a

very long time. This brings us very close to a more

desirable midpoint, which we anticipate will be

sustained for the better part of the coming year

as well,” added Msibi.

Another positive trend highlighted by Msibi is

the changing profile of car buyers in South Africa,

which is led by exponential growth in the number

of young people entering the market.

“Despite the notion that fewer young people

are interested in owning a car, there has been an

enormous increase in the number of millennials

who are applying for car finance through Wes-

Bank. This number has increased by a whopping

700% between 2017 and 2021.”

“But while they are eager to buy, this co-

hort of customers is very particular in their de-

sired ownership experience. Personalisation,

choice, and simplification are among their top


“It cannot be business as usual when selling to

these new buyers,” Msibi pointed out.

“It is clear that the global automotive land-

scape is changing, and we need to acknowledge

that this is affecting what customers want in their

motoring journey. If we are only now planning to

deal with the changing customer dynamics, we

are effectively already behind the curve,” said


“To maintain the vibrance of the local indus-

try and continue to fuel the excitement that is

evidenced at events like the Festival of Motor-

ing, concerted effort is required from all players.

And the time for such efforts is now,” concluded


WesBank highlights key trends

affecting SA automotive sector

September 2023


September 2023

aval Motors South Africa (HMSA) has an-

nounced an investment in the Automobile

Association (AA) Technical College and its

continued support for this venture by supplying

New Energy Vehicle (NEV) components to the

College, and by contributing to practical and cur-

riculum development on NEV technology in asso-

ciation with the AA.

As a world leader in vehicle battery technology

through SVOLT, a company wholly owned by Ha-

val’s parent company Great Wall Motors (GWM),

the brand recognises that the introduction of

new energy vehicles to the local market requires

not only infrastructure and Government policy to

grow and develop, but also skills development.

“Electric and hybrid electric vehicles require

special skills, safety, training and equipment to

service and work, and this totally transforms the

role and skills required by vehicle technicians,”

says Yusuf Patel, Head of Aftersales at Haval Mo-

tors South Africa.

“HMSA recognises this and as we are well

positioned in the NEV space and want to be the

pioneers of driving skills development for New

Energy Vehicles in the local industry, in particular

where it is not being addressed by Government

or the industry,” adds Patel

In addition to a variety of services the Automo-

bile Association also offers specialised apprentice-

ships to help motor industry players build in-house

skills, and short skill courses for individuals.

“It could not have come at a better time. The

curriculum for the technical college is currently

being updated by the Department of Education

and part of the new curriculum is an introduction

to Electric Vehicles as well as Hybrid Vehicles,”

says Werner Wandrey, Principal of the AA Tech-

nical College.

“With this donation we will undoubtedly be

one of the first training facilities that supports

actual modules, not only in theory but with prac-

tical tasks and exhibitions in this new technology.

We can therefore train our learners way ahead

of time before EVs and hybrid vehicles become

mainstream in our market. We are very grateful

for this donation,” says Wandrey. 

Haval announces new energy

investment in the AA

.U.D. Holdings have announced the ap-

pointment of Devan Naidoo as its new

Chief Executive Officer, effective from 1st

August 2023.

Devan Naidoo joins G.U.D. Holdings with an

impressive background and a wealth of experi-

ence gained during his extensive career with the

Mondi Group. He began his journey with Mondi

in 1997 at their Durban operations and has since

held various leadership positions within the

company. Most recently, he served as the Group

Director responsible for global sales, marketing,

and supply chain at Mondi Paper. Devan was in-

strumental in designing and implementing the

commercial strategy for Mondi Paper on a global


G.U.D. Holdings is confident that Devan

Naidoo’s appointment will be a significant asset

to the organisation, playing a vital role in guiding

the group towards achieving its future goals. 

G.U.D. Holdings

appoints new CEO


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